by Annaelle

Well, I was going to blog tonight, but a situation happened that prevents me from thinking properly.
Well, it’s not strictly a situation in my own life, but it’s close enough that it makes no difference, really.

So I’m not going to throw around any novel ideas or whatever of the sort. I’m just gonna talk about my feelings. For a change.

It’s mostly outrage. Like, I wanna scream and flail and thrash. Counterproductively so. But satisfyingly too. I’m not a proponent of revenge, and I’m masterful enough about my emotions that I can keep a calm and helpful facade. This blog just happens to be the place where I make this about me.

It’s so easy to make it about me. It’s so similar to something that is about me that it makes all these old feelings surface again. And yet, not everyone has always the same feelings as I have about stuff. I know I must remember that. It’s not easy, But I like to think that I manage. It’s one of the times where I stop talking.

And yet, it’s a different situation, and I don’t own what happened. I make suggestions because I’m asked to, and I ask some questions because I’m curious by nature, and also because I care very much. But, mostly, I’m in solidarity. And I’m there.

So while I’m there, I’m not here.
See you next week.