On Free Will and Entropy

by Annaelle

There is no freedom in Chaos. Chaos is disorganization, disorganized matter does not coalesce into macroscopic objects, and disorganized energy cannot be harnessed. There is nothing in Chaos for the will to grasp and affect, it is too unpredictable tho shape.

There is no freedom in Order. Order is organization, organized matter breaks when changed, its energy is usable but only once, only to be lost forever. Order is understandable and affectable, but, when we do so, we break it, and it turns to Chaos.

All organized things can be disorganized spontaneously, but it takes more energy to organize the disorganized than we would subsequently get by spending it. No non-magical process is 100% efficient, and such magic doesn’t exist.

The broad tendency of the Universe is to march, slowly, but inexorably, towards Chaos.
On Earth, we can use solar energy to repair what is broken – to grow dead matter back into soil, and into trees, to process trees into animals, which then die and become soil again. Order, then, can be maintained on Earth.
But only at the expanse of a much larger cost in disorder for the Sun.

Such is the Entropy principle, also known as the second law of thermodynamics, a fundamental law of our Universe.

A similar principle must apply to Free will. Let us discard concerns about determinism and issues of compatibility between determinism and Free Will (which are interesting issues we can discuss some other time). Let us simply accept that the actions that we do, whether or not they are free, have consequences, and that these consequences are themselves causes in their own causal chains. If that was not the case, then events are not the consequences of our actions, therefore, we don’t matter, causally, to the world, and are not meaningfully free.
But if that is true, it seems we can’t be free either, at least, not for long. For we ineluctably get caught in a web of causes and effects, perhaps caused by us, perhaps caused by our precursors, in such a way that, as the world gets older, there are less and less freedom available, that freedom gets spent like the energy of the Sun, entailing an eventual entropy of Freedom just as surely as there is an entropy of matter.

But, if matter can be recycled, through solar energy, then maybe freedom can be recycled in a similar way. Although, it is not clear how such a process would work, «mechanically» speaking. Yet, it is indubitable that we are free, and so, such a process must exist somewhere in the world to expand large amounts of primitive freedoms for us to recycle our own.

Some people find this an appropriate time to posit such entities like gods and things like that. I wonder if social constructs, like States, Nations, cultures or languages and other animal-made organizations that indubitably exist can provide that causal role of «expanding» freedom for our benefit. It would entail the realism of those organic entities, and I fail to see how entailing that is more ontologically economical than claiming that gods exist.
Yet, the alternative is to deny that we have any freedom left available to us, and that is manifestly false.

Ooh, the things I don’t know…